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Philippe CARDOT

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Philippe Cardot is a seasoned sales executive with over 20 years experience in the industry and proven results in achieving targets and growing business at a global level. In South East Asia, He spearheaded the sales project to increase the turnover from 0 to 1M€ in one year with his customer.


He has a strong ability to develop the new technology markets. His passion for innovation combined with his creativity enables him to successfully deal with complex sales.


Track record in international teams to optimize his customer revenue. 


His experience includes a diploma from the ISG Business School Paris, an Executive MBA from NEOMA Business School (2015), working as a buyer for a French Automotive Part distribution leader and European Product manager for Delphi, the global leader in Automotive Equipment.


He  led the Aftermarket distribution for his French customers @NAVTEQ. He took care of PSA Account globally, as part of NOKIA Key Account sales team.

Leveraging his international network, He developed and deployed an export sales strategy for RÉGENCE Paris brand, especially in Germany and Russia. 

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